Health and beauty on Samui

The relaxed lifestyle and beachside ambience of Koh Samui make the island a popular destination for those who want to recharge and rejuvenate. The proliferation of top class spas and professional health programmes is one example of this and we’ve created a whole page on spas in Samui. There are also plenty of less intensive options available for those in need of a physical retune.

Many parts of Samui’s hilly interior provide the perfect terrain for hiking and mountain biking, and the small side roads that lead off the main island ring road - in places like Mae Nam and Lamai - soon become dirt tracks that head into the hills.

The long beaches are also perfect for walking and jogging, and places like Big Buddha Beach can become quite busy with runners and ramblers, especially in the early morning and in the late afternoon. There are several Marathons organised throughout the year that are advertised online and in the local press, attracting both local and foreign participants. Fitness trainers also offer small group and individual sessions.

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Swimming is another obvious way to enhance your health and most of the beaches on Samui, especially the ones further north, are ideal for much of the year. The clear waters off Chaweng Beach can be quite shallow at times, but most resorts have a pool, and even if yours doesn’t, plenty of hotels are happy to allow outside guests to use the pool for a small fee.

As well as massage therapies, many of the island’s spas also offer beauty treatments, such as body wraps, scrubs and facials. These often involve the application of natural products, like tropical fruit, yoghurt and even chocolate, but may also include well-known brand creams and beauty products. Some spas also offer manicure and pedicure services and these are also available at a number of hairdressing salons around the island.

Specialist Thai slimming centres offer weight loss programmes and there is a branch of the Hanako skin care chain (from Japan) here, too. The latter offers intensive facial treatments using the latest technology and specially developed skin care products.