Videos of Samui - video movies

To help you better experience Samui before you arrive, we’ve collected these video clips. There are more than 150 included on pages in the 1stop sites - here is a selection of the best ones:

Full Moon Party
Diving in Koh Samui
Beauty of Chaweng Beach

Full Moon Party

Get the feeling of a Full Moon year-end party!

Diving in Samui

Divers can come face-to-face with a whale shark!

Beauty of Chaweng Beach

Get a taster for sublime Chaweng Beach

Travellers footage notes!
These video clips have been taken by travellers who have experienced Samui, Thailand and shared them on youtube. Most are under 3 minutes and have been selected for their relevance and relative quality. We looked through hours and hours of video that had been uploaded to youtube, looking for the most suitable impressions.

All of the video clips here are made publicly available and reproduced here according to their terms and conditions. An effort has been made to select appropriate video clips that accurately portray Thailand; however, we accept no responsibility for their content.

Contact: if you have any queries regarding these clips.

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