Duchess of York on cheap Samui holiday

10 Oct 2011

Sarah Ferguson, former wife of the UK’s Prince Andrew, is currently enjoying her third holiday this year at a resort and spa complex on Koh Samui. UK national newspapers have alleged the holiday is a freebie whereas a spokesperson for the duchess says she is paying, albeit at heavily discounted rates.

The often cash-strapped duchess flew first class to Samui from London for a three-week stay at the five-star Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Spa. The woman known as Fergie in the UK is believed to be a friend of resort proprietors John and Karina Stewart.

Fergie devoted 35 pages of her most recent book, Finding Sarah, to the health spa and its magical treatments. In the passage she says that the owners are the holiest people she has ever met and that meditation sessions at the spa are meaningful rituals.

The duchess visited the Kamalaya in January and then again in April of this year. She says that these trips were part of a working assignment for Oprah Winfrey’s US TV programme.

Since her divorce from Prince Andrew, Fergie has had well reported problems with debts and financial solvency. Earlier this year the prince helped her settle £2 million (96 million Baht) in debts.

The UK is currently in the middle of a financial depression and people there say the duchess should cut back on her extravagant lifestyle. Graham Smith, a spokesman for the Republic anti-monarchy group said flying first class and staying at upscale resorts is tactless when people in the UK are facing hardship. 

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