Thai police probe supposed Samui suicide

6 Jun 2011

Surat Thani police are re-investigating the demise of a British national that was originally ruled as a suicide. The body of 57-year-old Kevin Attew was discovered in a lake only 30cms deep, a short distance from Samui’s Chaweng Beach, on 24 May.

An original post mortem on Mr Attew stated that he had committed suicide by drowning. The victim’s friend, Crispin Paton-Smith, said he did not believe his friend had killed himself and went to the morgue where he took photographs of injuries to the body’s head and hands.

Mr Paton-Smith alleged the wounds were not consistent with suicide and that anybody who was going to commit suicide would not do so in 30cms of water when there was access to a large expanse of sea nearby. He added that the friend he had known for a number of years was likable and friendly and had not seemed the suicidal type.

Mr Attew was from Aldershot in Hampshire, but had run the Honey Barb bar on Koh Samui for several years. Bar staff and the victim’s girlfriend were sure he had drowned himself in the lake.

Following Mr Paton-Smith’s allegations police have now taken Mr Attew’s corpse over to mainland Thailand for an additional autopsy.   

Mr Attew was a motorcycle enthusiast and founding member of the Koh Samui Pirates bike club. The Honey Barb was a meeting place for local bikers. 

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