Tourists scramble for flights out of Samui

31 Mar 2011

Travellers planning to depart the international airport in Koh Samui were left scrambling for tickets after word got out that two flights had managed to depart for Bangkok. The number of travellers stranded on the island due to bad weather is estimated to be in the thousands.

Many international holidaymakers have been left on the popular resort island due to a low-pressure system, effectively cutting off all modes of transport. All ferries have been cancelled and Bangkok Airways revealed that approximately 2,100 passengers have been unable to fly since Monday.

The airline said that flights PG 104 and PG 100 managed to depart the airport carrying a total of 376 passengers. A further two flights were waiting for weather conditions to improve to take-off from the airport.

Some passengers have been sleeping at the airport while others have forced their way throught floodwaters each day in the hope of boarding a flight. At present, the airport is using backup power and processing the check-in of passengers manually.

The record levels of rainfall have led to many roads on the island becoming submerged by flood waters. Blackouts have been experienced in some parts due to fallen electricity poles.

The main tourist precinct of Chaweng Beach is completely submerged and only accessible by boats deployed by local authorities. Local authorities are continuing to evacuate people from the area, with some remaining due to concerns about their possessions.

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