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Samui taxi scams still all too common

Posted by Dave on 20 September 2007, 2:56 pm

An unadulterated cheer rang through the collective unconscious of the travelling branch of humanity last month, in what was a blow struck for all of us who have been blatantly ripped off by a taxi driver while on holiday.

On August 6th, on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand, a supposedly metered taxi driver who had gouged his passengers was arrested, and tourists around the island clinked glasses.

Being ripped off in taxis is often the biggest annoyance while travelling in certain countries, and as an Australian tourist wrote to the Samui Express, Samui was no exception.

He writes: “We have traveled to Samui many times (four so far) from Australia and have always found the taxis to be the biggest problem we have to deal with as tourists. I have never, not once, been offered a metered fare on Samui. I have asked many times and been told, ‘The meters don’t work’ or ‘Meter is not for tourists, you pay different fare’ or ‘Meters don’t apply on Samui.’”

The meter/no-meter scam is all too common, but it seems Samui cabbies have become downright malicious in some cases by giving back fake bills to tourists or simply driving off with the money as soon as the fares have left the cab. There; you've been warned.

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