Health checks in Koh Samui

Many tourists have health checks in Samui, taking advantage of the excellent hospitals here. Having regular health checks is a must for everyone to ensure their health is on track and to pick up any discrepancies such as diseases before symptoms develop. The main advantage of this is simply the low cost of having these comprehensive tests done here in Thailand, where a standard test costs as little as US$100.

Everyone should get their health checked out once in a while, and this is especially so for those aged 50 and up. It is recommended that those under 40 years have a medical once every three years; about every two years between 40 and 50 years, and annually for over 50s. Doing so while on holiday is a popular idea since it is affordable and encourages people to keep on top of their latent health issues.

Health checks in Samui can be tailored to your needs and there are different medicals for males and females although the less invasive health checks are generally identical. Males who have regular health checks should also consider getting their prostate gland checked out, while women over the age of 40 should have regular mammogram examinations.

Health checks in Samui generally look at the pulse, blood pressure, eyes, and ears, and then go up to a complete blood count, urine examination, diabetes tests, kidney and liver function checks, chest x-rays, and liver cancer. Having a cardiac stress test if you think you have a heart condition is also important to measure the blood flow volume, while MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) are a more thorough alternative to x-rays.

There are three or four highly rated Samui hospitals that do health checks, ranging from standard physical checks right up to complete body examinations. Prices also vary widely, but you can have a basic health check in Samui for a nominal fee. Any treatment for ailments in Samui will be considerably less costly than in the West.

Bangkok Hospital Samui on Thaweerat Phakdee Road in Bophut does excellent health checks and has the best services and physicians on the island. They also treat all kinds of diseases and have a A&E ward. Not surprisingly they actively promote this service to foreigners and it’s over in a couple of hours, perhaps with a subsequent consultation appointment for blood tests.

Samui International Hospital is also well equipped to deal with emergencies and is a slightly cheaper option for a health check. It is fairly new and has state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date services and procedures. Thai International Hospital is another private hospital able to deal with foreigners and health checks in Samui.