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Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular islands and pictures of Samui are often featured on the country’s travel brochures. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, off its East Coast, Samui is both a tourist destination and home to many retirees and those with lifestyle choices.

With its tropical beaches and coconut groves Samui offers pictures of paradise. Chaweng is both cosmopolitan and tropical, with miles of unspoilt beach, while Lamai – further south is more down to earth and has a vibrant nightlife scene. The beaches on the north of the island, such as Buddha bay, Bophut and Mae Nam, are far more relaxed and quiet.

To get you excited about your visit, here’s a selection of Samui pictures, simply click on any one of them to enjoy the slide show.

To the south of the island you see pictures of rural Samui the way it was before tourists arrived and you can wander among coconut plantations and Muslim villages. On the west side of the island is the commercial centre of Nathon where you can capture Thais going about their daily lives.

Notes on taking pictures on Samui
The Thai’s aren’t too fussed about you taking pictures of them but will appreciate it if you ask beforehand. Tai ruup dai mai ‘krup’ (men), ‘ka’ (women) is the standard way to ask in Thai. Many Thais are into photography themselves and their King is a keen photographer.

Photographing Buddhist images is permitted providing you’re respectful of temples and religious icons. Dress appropriately, don’t stand on Buddhist statues or temple supports and walls, and remember that flash photography of sensitive murals and antiquities isn’t always permitted.

In general there are few issues with taking pictures on Samui. The island has plenty of photo shops and internet cafes where you can download digital images onto disk or buy film. Repair services however are limited.

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