Thai culture in Koh Samui

It’s impossible to visit Thailand without experiencing its wonderful legacy of culture, and the kingdom certainly does have a distinctive and appealing culture that adds a important dimension to tourism here.

Thai culture enjoys a long legacy that dates back to the early kingdoms centred at Nakorn Sri Thammarat in the south, Lop Buri in central plains and the Lanna Kingdom of Northern Thailand. By the thirteenth century the advanced civilisation of Sukhothai was flourishing and at its zenith Siam enjoyed a wealthy status during the Ayuthaya period – all of which contributed to a flourishing of culture that is still profoundly evident today.

Thailand is a proudly Buddhist nation where everyone is extremely respectful of monks and pays homage at temples regularly. Find out more about this enchanting belief system here…more

Thai people are very used to welcoming foreign visitors and generally extremely forgiving of cultural faux pas, but it is a good idea to learn local customs to avoid causing offence…more

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More about Thai culture on Koh Samui

Samui was, for the most part, a coconut harvesting backwater and therefore has less in the way of important sites or a distinctive local culture.

Most of its residents have traditionally been Moslem therefore you encounter less of the Buddhist influenced culture found elsewhere in Thailand. But, to a visiting foreigner, you’ll still be beguiled by the famous Thai friendliness and non-confrontation, even if it is diluted by the western influence that has overcome the island’s character.

Thai culture encompasses a broad range of aspects which range from distinguished Thai art, architecture and sculpture through to marvellous music and dance. Then there is the complex Thai etiquette which is so important to society here and visitors will do well to learn a few tips on how to avoid being offensive. Buddhism also plays a big role in Thai behaviour and every day life. This includes a range of intriguing and fun festivals that are very much part of Thaiand. All of these topics are explored in more detail in this section to help to better understand ‘Thai-ness’ before you arrive.