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Koh Samui is all about the beach and sunsets

We frequently post a new travel article on Samui and other Gulf islands for additional reading. Find out more, on everything from finding the quietest beaches to delving into the hinterland...

Samui travel articles

Cut price bliss with cheap Koh Samui massages
Top-notch relaxation comes much cheaper in Thailand than almost anywhere else in the world, and Koh Samui is no exception. As there's so much choice for cheap massages on the island, we've done the leg work for you. So sit back and take the weight off ... more

Letting off steam at Samui Shooting Range
If you like guns, big guns, then Koh Samui’s shooting range is a must. Whether you opt for a sneaky sniper, a down-to-earth pistol or a fully automatic, budding Rambos should check out this completely legal and fun stress-buster... more

Build a dream villa on Samui
The tropical island of Koh Samui attractions foreign investors looking for that quintessential Thai paradise feel and it is relatively inexpensive to arrange for your dream home to be built if you stick to our handy guide... more

Read Thai script in a weekend!
An ingenious new Read Rapid Thai seminar comes to Koh Samui this month which guarantees you will be able to read Thai script within just one weekend - and it really works!... more

Best beaches for families
There are beaches on Koh Samui for all types of tourist ranging from backpackers to moneyed holidaymakers and plenty for families with children on vacaction as well... more

Getting tailored garments made in Samui
Koh Samui has a wide range of high quality tailors that can whip you up a dress or suit in a matter of hours. Check out our recommended Samui tailors plus a few tips for getting the most for your money... more

Sea kayaking around Ang Thong National Park
Sea kayaking trips around Ang Thong National Marine Park are one of the highlights of any trip to the Thai Gulf so paddle-up and explore this dramatic karst landscape of hidden caves, reefs, lagoons and untouched beaches... more

Yoga courses on Koh Samui
Ever more people are trying to make the most of their break in Thailand by taking a course and learning a new skill, with Koh Samui yoga schools offering a healthy escape from stressful modern living and even an alternative career... more

Full moon parties in boutique luxury
Everyone loves to let their hair down and there's no better place than Koh Pha Ngan's legendary full moon parties, but how can you enjoy the revelry without living like a squatter? Read on...more

Songkran on Samui
Thai New Year is the Kingdom’s biggest celebration and erupts into a nationwide three-day waterfight, and Koh Samui is one of the best places to witness the mêlée... more

Sleeping in paradise
Complete guide to Koh Pha Ngan accommodation choices for those who want to experience castaway paradise but still be near the party action…more

Secluded Samui
Guide to the quietest beaches on the fabulous gulf island of Koh Samui where you can find some peace and that tourists rarely visit…more

Samui Etiquette
Tips on how to behave on Koh Samui so you don't cause offence to local people at temples, on the beach or out on the town…more

Nagivating Samui
Insider's guide to getting around the gorgeous gulf island in comfort and on the cheap…more

Introspective Samui
Guide to meditation and yoga on the fabulous gulf island including courses and resorts…more

Beginners’ guide to Thailand’s political deadlock
Security and stability in Thailand has become tense following the assets seizure verdict against former prime minister Thaksin; here’s the back story on this explosive issue…more

Koh Samui activities
What to do on Koh Samui including water sports, courses and metaphysical pursuits…more

Ang Thong archipelago
Discover the cluster of islands that inspired the blockbuster The Beach; a beautiful day trip from Samui, Pha Ngan or Koh Tao…more

3 day sightseeing guide
What to do on Samui with three days away from the beach; there’s more to this island that meets the eye, here’s some suggestions…more

Cost of Samui living
Thinking of coming to live on Samui? Here’s some handy insights into the costs of living expenses on the island – the price of paradise…more

Samui beach guide
Not sure which Samui area to stay in? Here’s our beach by beach guide to Samui, be it relaxation, partying or convenience…more

Samui for adrenalin junkies
Fancy bungee jumping or zorbing, exploring the island on ATVs or even kite boarding? Samui provides the rush if you’re up for it…more

Samui nightlife guide
Wondering what to do when the sun goes down? Here’s our 5 minute guide to wining, dining, pubbing and clubbing on the island…more

Cheapest ways to Samui
Those on a budget trying to get to Samui, Koh Pha Ngan or Koh Tao have a few options overland, all nicely arranged for you…more

Shopping on Samui
Thailand presents good value, and you’ll get some bargains going shopping on Samui, here’s where to look…more

Activities & courses on Samui
Just in case you might get bored during your time on Samui, here’s a few activities and even some fun courses we suggest…more

Full Mooning fun
Join the ravers on Haad Rin beach this season for more parties than usual, here’s the lowdown on a stress-free party…more

Samui for animal-lovers
The island has all sorts of animal attractions for families and animal lovers alike and they make a good day’s entertainment away from the beach…more

Great hotels under 2000 baht
We’ve picked out some of the best hotels on the island for under 2,000 baht, some even less than 1,000 baht for good value for money…more

The best of Thailand
Here’s the shortlist of the Bangkok Post’s nine month quest to find Thailand’s top nine tourist attractions…more

Mountain biking on Samui
The island has some excellent single track and downhill trails, sign up with the local biking company... more

Samui clubbers guide
Find out where to party when on Samui; from Chaweng central to some hidden gems, we’ve got the island covered... more

Songkran Splash
Join in the world’s biggest water fight as Thailand gets drenched for four days in April. There’s no doubt about it, you’re going to get wet... more

What to do with the kids
Bringing the kids with you, wondering what to do with them? Here’s a few suggestions... more

Tailored 24-hour suits
Fancy a smart business suit or silk tunic? Get yourself measured up and looking dapper in less than 24 hours, here’s how... more

Samui’s best resorts
This self styled ‘Boutique Island’ has some brilliant resorts, we checked a few we’d love to stay in, here’s your pick of the bunch... more

Bored of the beach?
Here are a few suggestions of things to see and do away from your beach longer when you’ve had enough of sea and sun on Samui... more

The King and Thai
You can’t miss it, December 5th marks the 80th birthday of Thailand’s much loved King, just why is he so popular among his subjects... more

Learn to dive here
Samui and it’s neighbouring islands are excellent places to get your PADI and enjoy great diving ... more

Samui in a day
Taking a break from the beach? Here are some fun things to see and do during a free day on Samui, without following the crowds ... more

Spoil yourself on Samui
From boutique resorts to plush spas, Samui is all about pampering yourself with luxury facilities that all can afford... more

Art of Thai massage
The time-honoured tradition of Thai massage is a cultural coup for the country. Here’s how this ancient art came about... more

Samui see & do – top 10
Get the most out of your stay in Samui with our quick guide to the 10 most recommended attractions and activities... more

Thai Spa experience
Getting pampered in a day spa while in Thailand is a very affordable and essential holiday luxury during your visit... more

A new generation of full mooning
We’ve all seen Thailand’s famous Full Moon Party in the 2000 Hollywood blockbuster The Beach, and heard the stories of this rampant all–night rave, but what do you really need to know to enjoy full mooning Thai–style? ... more

Wining and Dining
Satisfying your palate is very much a highlight of any holiday in Thailand and Samui has scores of great restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets... more

Koh Tao diving
Koh Tao is a diver’s paradise in Thailand where the experienced meet with the novice and everyone gets to enjoy the fertile waters of the Gulf of Thailand

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